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Our Services

Our services suit all your medical needs .

Medical Services

Transitional Care: We will see patients that have recently been discharged from a hospital, rehab or skilled facility within 14 days of discharge if they cannot get an appointment with their primary care physician in a timely manner.  This enables a smooth transition from an inpatient setting back into the home, help with medication management and prevents a readmission to the hospital.

 Assisted Living Facilities: We provide in facility care to residents to help reduce the need to get the resident out, spend hours at the doctor’s office, reduce the risk of exposure to unwanted germs, reduce the time and stress of having to take off work to take a loved one to an appointment.  We bring the medical care, labs and radiology to them in the facility.

Homebound Primary Care Visits:  If you or a loved one are homebound, we can see them in the home setting just as if you were going to your regular primary care physician. 

Referral Service
We are able to make the necessary referrals to other providers as needed, i.e., home health, hospice, specialists as well as DME and other supportive measures.
Medication and Disease Management Services
On an ongoing basis, we are able to manage your disease processes through monitoring and managing your signs/symptoms, lab values, medications and treatments as appropriate.