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About Us

The doctor is in and coming to you.

Premier Medical Housecall is a housecall program that provides medical services within your place of residence.

Premier Medical Housecall was developed after we identified a number of individuals who were in need of seeing their physician, but were not physically able to go to the physician’s office. These individuals were having to be transported to the ER every time they had a medical issue. We established our housecall practice knowing that each patient and family are unique. Whether you live at home, in an assisted living facility or group home – we are able to provide medical services.   

Reduce Hospital Re-admissions

Premier works with hospitals to reduce 30 day re-admissions.
We can see patients within 14 days to

  • ensure the patient is compliant with the discharge instructions
  • ensure the patient is taking their medication
  • get other resources involved to keep the patient from being readmitted